NCED HotelICAE 2014 Conference | Norman OK

Location: Norman, OK, USA
Date: 15-20 June 2014
Venue: NCED Conference Center and Hotel

Welcome to the website for the Fifteenth International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE 2014), which will be held in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, 15-20 June 2014.  Under the auspices of the IUGG/IAMAS International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity, the ICAE brings together scientists from all over the world to discuss the latest research on atmospheric electricity.

Historically ICAE has occurred every 4 years, with the last four having been held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2011,, Beijing, China (2007), Versailles, France (2003), and Huntsville, Alabama, USA (1999).  However, ICAE 2014 is being held only 3 years after the Brazilian conference, to restore its timing to a place in the IUGG calendar that avoids conflicting with other related IUGG conferences.  After ICAE 2014, the next ICAE will be in 2018.

Co-hosts for ICAE 2014 will be the NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory and the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences of the University of Oklahoma.  Both are housed in the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  The venue for ICAE 2014 will be the nearby conference center and hotel of the National Center for Employee Development.

Oklahoma provides visitors many opportunities to sample the heritage of both its Native American and cowboy roots.  When folks in Oklahoma say “Howdy, neighbor!” it means they are glad to see you and welcome you to their towns and homes.  We look forward to welcoming you to Norman, Oklahoma for ICAE 2014 with an enthusiastic “Howdy, neighbor!”

Dave Rust, honorary chair
Don MacGorman and Ted Mansell,
Co-chairs for ICAE 2014